Organization Story

Why usually people start their business? To fulfill their desires, their requirements. Isn’t it? But his main aim was to keep people happy and satisfy. Thus, he always expanded his business so more people can find jobs and fewer people can be unemployed.

His one slogan that makes everyone motivated no matter what the situation is. But just a line and positivity spreads all around. “We are champion in every situation” By this line, he has overcome many situations and by this slogan, his team member is too ready to fight any battle.


  • A visionary eye that always wanted to keep everyone happy. A vision to inspire everyone on each step of success.


  • Hard work is so powerful that even struggle can’t be there for the long term. His vision converted to Mission when he started taking baby steps in the year 2008. His dedication towards his work gave him the output which resulted in expanding his business.
  • He has 12 businesses at present and he’s going to even have more and more business in the future.

Our Business

Business is not everyone’s cup of tea but here he stands still as a pillar and he expanded his business into 12 new businesses.

  • His career started in 2008 as a motivational trainer where he motivated every person whether it’s an employee, staff, or normal person. He even started taking sessions and delivered speeches so as to motivate others.
  • 2009 where he got a spark to educate students and he added on more business of educational units which was very impressive as it helped others. He even educated students who were willing to study but due to their financial condition, they just stopped.
  • By 2010 his vision was exploring the way when he saw people are getting happy by his job. So, he started a Manufacturing Unit which was helping hand for many people.
  • 2011 was the year where Marketing was started with the aim that everyone’s business should get success.
  • All types of branding are necessary so in 2012 he started a business of branding. One best thing was that not every organization does all types of branding but AARAMBH INDIA aims to do all types of branding in his organization.
  • 2013 was the year where he started with Real estate. It includes construction, lands, building, etc. Also, he donated his several lands which are a positive sign.
  • 2014 a year with a new startup which is Business Module Development that helps to plan proper business with strategy and with good planning.
  • Farming is a culture of India and seeing that nowadays people are avoiding farming 2015 was a year where he started this business and the company got a really good response.
  • 2016 was getting a loan and security got very tough. He started his business into this so that people who don’t get bank from the loan can get from here too with less interest.
  • 2017 a new step in achieving a new mission with being an investor not only in India but worldwide. Which was really a great step towards one more success.
  • 2018 where retailers got a struggle in getting jobs at that moment this organization opened the doors to give job work to retailers. This really helps both people and businesses to be satisfied.
  • 2019 came up with a new concept of multiple stores. Where people can get everything from one place and they don’t have to roam here and there to search for things.
  • And 2020 a pandemic year which made everyone shocked, even in that state his was still and started a new business of Own theme store.

Starting from 2008 every year he came up with something new and he boomed. Also, there are going to come more years where he will come up with more business that will also be successful just like this.

Running 12 Business altogether with such a great team is a symbol of a lion. However, the company’s success is motivation to many businessmen


He has 80000+ employees in his team and the only aim is to keep them happy.

Below is the description of a few members:

  1. Hardipsinh Gohil- founder and director

A dedicated person who thinks of the world first and takes a selfless step so that their employee is benefited. Who founded 12 businesses and is going to be the founder of many more with giving employment to many jobless? His role is significant with the collaboration of good deeds.

  1. Mahipatsinhji Jadeja- Finance Vice president

Handling each and every company’s financial records that too with the plan and financial investments of the future. He makes sure that he’s recorded is always updated, well he’s the definition of perfect in monetary terms.

  1. Poonam Khokhara- Real Estate Vice president

When a girl takes a lead it’s a pride moment for everyone. Poonam has been seen over construction sites with great talent of interior architect all over the world. Her vision has been so good that anyone can be feasible with the requirements. Even her power and way of communication is so good that all the clients make a permanent relationship with the business.

  1. KuldipSinh Zala- Production vice President

Producing something and getting success is always incomplete without KuldipSinh. He has always been the backbone of the production team. His guidance has helped team member to have a constant growth

  1. Shaktisinh Vaghela- Trading vice president

Trading now a day is a very important aspect and Shaktisinh has always been productive by giving productivity each and every day by analyzing and allocating reviews. He always supports team members on the basis of different portfolios.

  1. Milan Trivedi – Social media Vice president

Social media the most trending industry in the era of 2020, where Milan has taken his stand. His creativity and graphics have always helped the business to grow and it has always attracted readers. The way he adjusts and creates the poster has no words.

  1. Kripalsinh Zala – Director Co-Founder

Kripalsinh is just a name but the responsibility she handles with her enthusiasm is always appreciable. Her calmness in tough times and her boldness to get the work done is what her personality defines. Even in a tough time she never loses hope and that’s what keeps everyone motivated.

  1. Harshaba Gohil- Marketing Vice President

Marketing is the main ingredient for any business. Proper talent for marketing is required and Harshaba has always done marketing in such a manner that every client and every reader has set a positive impact, which itself is true. But showing true words with marketing is true in the world where people believe in fake content.

  1. Divyarajsinh Chudasama- IT vice President

IT tremendously increased the need for any business. Being IT itself Dynamic, Divyarajsinh has always learned and helped the business to go through IT. His aim to grow the future for the betterment of tomorrow has always helped the business. He has given each and every step towards something new that helps the domain.

  1. Nihaba Gohil- Senior Vice president

senior vice president is usually a vice president who has advanced through the company and receives a title, due in large part, to his or her longevity and experience. This person is usually the highest ranking of the vice presidents, with associate and assistant vice presidents beneath her on the corporate ladder. She is enthusiastic with her work and also prove her self with sacrificing of her carrier for organization.


The satisfaction of the client always matters and by that, they completed more than 50000+ projects. All the projects got good reviews and every project has been successful.

There are many awards that companies have won, they proved that if we have a solid team then there is no need to look back. The risk they took with the strategy and proper planning is what they define success.

It is truly said by Vaughn Aust that “Happy employees lead to happy customers, which leads to more profits.” The surroundings of the company had always kept employees happy.


Clients are the asset of the company. The company’s gesture towards clients has always been welcoming and understanding and thus this company had more than 13.5+ cores clients which itself is a beautiful figure to know that well the organization can handle their clients without any conflict.